The Plaintiff’s Employment Law Association
presented Williams & Rhodes LLP

The Plaintiff’s Employment Law Association presented Williams & Rhodes LLP with the 2017 Colorado Case of the Year Award for the firm’s representation of plaintiff Laura Ridgell-Boltz in her successful ten year litigation against the Social Security Administration.

Cyber FEDS© 2013 Top Ten List: Female Supervisor Targets Older Women for Shoddy Treatment

Ruling: The complainants, two females over 40, were subjected to a hostile work environment based on their sex and age.  Each was awarded $175,000 in nonpecuniary damages.

What it means: Evidence that a supervisor subjected female employees over 40 to harsh and disrespectful treatment, while treating male employees and younger female employees with deference can lead to agency liability for a discriminatory hostile work environment.

Why it made the list: The EEOC has long found that agencies can be liable for discrimination perpetrated against employees who are in a subclass of a protected group. Older women are perhaps the subclass that most often emerges as the mark for such discrimination. Meachum and Abbott v. Social Security Administration, 113 LRP 39351 (EEOC OFO 9/9/13) is included as a cautionary note to agencies that are unfamiliar with this concept.

Boulder Postal Worker Wins $200K in Discrimination Case

May 23, 2008 | Ryan Morgan – The Boulder Daily Camera

An employee at the Valmont Butte branch of the U.S. Postal Service says he feels vindicated following a jury’s decision this week to award him $200,000 in damages because he was harassed and discriminated against for being African-American.


A Federal Mint is Hostile Workplace

March 22, 2006 | Laurie P. Cohen – The Wall Street Journal

Ms. Garcia Kaas, who had left the mint, then filed a sexual-harassment and retaliation claim against the mint in federal court. In September, a jury found that she worked in an environment hostile to women and awarded her $80,000.

Ms. Garcia Kaas had more claims she planned to press. But once she won the jury trial, the government agreed to settle all of her claims for $397,000 … .


Manager: Fear was Common at Mint

September 15, 2005 | Alicia Caldwell – The Denver Post

When James Neal took over running the U.S. Mint in Denver in 1999, he said it was like stepping back decades in time.

Not only was the equipment outdated, but supervisors used intimidation and sexual harassment to keep employees in line, he said.



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